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Phil's Quick Tips: The Best Man Speech

Author: Phil Santos       Date: January 10, 2015

Best Man When it comes to best man speeches, we've seen everything including kitchen sink - actually it was a toilet that was rolled in on a dolly - but the fact of the matter is that we've been witness to all kinds of speeches that range from the sentimental to the absurd and everything in between. Most succeeded in what they're meant to accomplish, but some missed the mark. Here's a few points to remember when coming up with a speech:

Be concise, but don't be brief. There's a finite time window. If the speech is too short, the best man risks not capturing the guests' attention, and wont give the photographers enough time to take pictures. If the speech is too long, the best man risks losing the guests' attention, and the venue's first course may come out cold. The most effective speeches are between two and three minutes long.

Be memorable. Do include memorable moments with the bride and groom. The speech can either be funny or sentimental, include props or without, but always have an "angle" or a "hook" that'll stick in peoples' minds.

It's about the couple. The groom is your number one bro, so the best man is bound to have more to say about the groom than the bride. But the day is ultimately about the groom and the bride, so the bulk of the best man speech should address the couple, not just the one.

It has been modern tradition that both the best man and the maid or matron of honor both prepare a speech, and the above holds true for all toast speakers.