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Phil's Quick Tips: A Memorable First Dance

Author: Phil Santos       Date: November 25, 2014

Thanks!The first dance is without a doubt the the highlight of a wedding reception. Whether you want it to be a happy or a sentimental moment, we want to help make that moment happen for you.

Shy brides and grooms who don't like being in the limelight may feel like cutting a four or five minute song down to two minutes. By doing this, a bride and groom also cut short their moment and - believe me - the moment flies by when you're on the dance floor with the love of your life.

Some people feel awkward being in the spotlight, and that's okay. Our job is to keep the party about you without the burden of all that attention. Instead of cutting the song short, we suggest having the emcee invite the parents or bridal party to join in with you about two minutes into the song. Your guests' attention won't be singularly focused on you, but also on your friends and family who are dancing with you.