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Phil's Quick Tips: Saying Thank You

Author: Phil Santos       Date: November 10, 2014

Thanks!Sometimes it's easy for us in the industry to forget that for most people, it's their first time as a bride or a groom. There is definitely some "wedding experience" we as industry professionals take for granted that a bride or groom may only think about after-the-fact.

When I ask people how much time they have - on average - to speak with and say thank you to their guests, the answer is normally two minutes. Suppose the bride and groom have 200 guests. The total time needed for the couple to go around to each table and thank everyone is over 6 and a half hours: that's more than the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception combined.

The best way to thank your guests is to arrange a time in the reception to utilize the DJ and thank everyone for coming with the microphone. No one will feel left out with a heartfelt thank you for making the night special. And remember, the couple will also have the opportunity to send thank-you cards to attendees after the wedding.

A thank you speech guarantees that everyone will feel appreciated, and gives the bride and groom more time to take it all in and share in the fun of their special night.