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Warm Wisdom for the Winter Wedding

Author: Dave Shaw       Date: November 24, 2014

Spring and autumn are seasons that explode into vibrant color. They are not too hot, not too cold, and are the most popular times of the year to celebrate a wedding. And - due to limited availability - may be the most expensive seasons to book vendors and a venue. Fiscally conscious couples will be happy to know that the popularity of winter weddings have increased this decade as venues offer "off-season" value packages. Photographers like Orlando Oliveira will be the first to tell you that your wedding can look beautiful no matter the season, and there are always fantastic photo shoot opportunities.

You may not want your entire wedding outdoors during the winter, but you may want to spend some time outdoors for a really special photo shoot with your husband-to-be. You and your photographer may want to arrange this moment ahead of time - before the ceremony - so that you don't have to spend too much time away from your reception. Photographers call this photo shoot the "Magic Moment," which is the moment where the groom sees the bride in her gown for the first time.

Outdoor magic moments during the winter yield the best pictures - especially when there is snow on the ground and the bridal gown is set against a scenic winter wonderland. Here are some great ways to keep goose-bumps and shivers from cutting short your photo shoot:

1. An elegant fur wrap.

Complement your bridal gown with an elegantly draped faux-fur wrap or shawl to keep your neck and shoulders warm in the cold weather. Shawls are the most popular and stylish option for a bride who wants to keep their wedding pictures soft and classy.

2. Fingerless gloves.

Nothing says sexy-sassy like a pair of knitted fingerless gloves to help keep your arms warm in biting temperatures. Fingerless gloves work best because they allow you to showcase the wedding band in your photo shoot. A white knitted pair of fingerless gloves or mittens with fur lining around the wrist or palm is a strong compliment to a wedding dress.

3. Keep your man close.

Research published in The Lancet medical journal in 1998 reported that a woman's palm temperature is, on average, 2.8 degrees lower than a man's palm. Keeping that heat factory of a husband close to you for those outdoor moments on your special day. Even though he may be radiating temperatures only fractionally higher, it's still enough to keep the cold snap at bay. And it might allow the photographer to take a couple intimate candid shots that make the outdoor moment really sparkle.

4. Schnapps.

You can wear all the cover ups you want, but nothing warms the cockles of your heart more than a quick swig of satiating schnapps. A brandy or a whiskey five minutes before heading out into the great outdoors will keep icicles from forming at the tip of your nose for sure. And not only will it stoke a fire in your chest, but will wipe away any pre-ceremonial jitters you and your husband-to-be may have before the big "I Do's."

Photography by Orlando

Photos provided by Photography by Orlando.