Blow the roof off your Super Sweet Sixteen with services by the Specialists Entertainment!

The sky is your limit! We offer personalized packages to make your super sweet sixteen come true. Our energetic staff will keep your party packed and pumping with the latest, hottest songs as well as your favorite classics. Our red carpet candlelighting will raise your guests to star-studded levels as they come up to help you light your sixteen candles.

Our company can scale our presence and interaction as you see fit. For example, we can provide a one-man show - simply a DJ who will blow your party up with great dance music. Or we can provide light shows, a photobooth, custom monogram, TV's, and we will work with you to create a fully custom "Through the Years" photo montage that you can share with your friends and family at your party.

You set the rules.

Just like our other clients, we will meet with you to determine the level of interaction we will have with your guests. We will go over the finer details so that there is no guessing or misunderstanding on our part at the day of your Sweet Sixteen.

Your expectations are important to us. Our Sweet Sixteens also follow the mantra of "fun with class," so our DJs will not play corny, old, and overused songs. They will not play the Hokey Pokey, and will always play songs that are relevant, danceable, and are appropriate to the flow of your party.

Our promise to you. Our attire and our equipment will exhibit an extremely high level of presentation. We will be polite, courteous to all of your guests under any and all circumstances. We will play the music of your generation. We will perform candlelighting and other formalities with the utmost care and consideration.

Start the process today with no commitments.

There is absolutely no commitment to book at your first appointment with us. We invite you and your family to meet with us at our office and view demos, pictures, testimonials, and see what we have to offer. To schedule, use the contact form located on our contact page, or call us at 201-962-2430.

Haga que su Quinceañera con The Specialists Entertainment!

The Specialists Entertainment somos multilingüe, y tenemos experiencia jugando en quinceañeras. Vamos a anunciar el cambio de zapatos, su baile con su padre, y tenemos una gran selección de música latina. Nuestros quinceañeras son similares al programa Sweet-16. Nos DJ la música que usted y sus amigos les encantará.